Cryotherapy vs. Traditional

TOTAL BODY CRYOTHERAPY vs. traditional ice therapy

snowyFor years the ice bath has been used in professional sports to assist in rehabilitation of athletes with injuries.  But the differences between traditional ice baths and Total Body Cryotherapy are tremendous.

During a 15-20 minute ice bath, tissue freezes quite deep and frozen muscles temporarily lose capacity and need time to return to normal.  In contrast, cryotherapy does not freeze the tissue and can be used PRE workout.

When the body is in an ice bath, it tries to warm as much blood as possible in its core so it struggles to make itself capable of generating sufficient heat to maintain warmth of the peripheral body parts.  In the cryosauna, the skin surface reaches a temperature of -30 degrees F in just 30-40 seconds and through a signal sent, the brain understands that it cannot keep peripheral body parts warm.  So blood vessels undergo massive vasoconstriction to keep the core temperature from dropping which triggers enrichment of the blood.